Battle Droid


Unyielding soldiers constructed for the crucible of combat, they exist in a myriad of models, each crafted for a unique purpose, yet all embodying the epitome of efficiency and design.

Engineered for precision and performance, the typical Battle Droid displays an uncanny humanoid form – a chassis of cold, gleaming metal, meticulously sculpted for maximum maneuverability. From the swift IG units to the menacing HK series, these mechanized sentinels come in numerous shapes and sizes. However, common traits pervade their designs: a pair of optical sensors, burning like miniature suns, a modulated vocoder emitting crisp, mechanical speech, and a body that speaks of raw, unadorned purpose.

Arms articulated with an array of weapon systems underscore their lethal nature, while their chassis, often a blend of grays and tans, make them a stark contrast against the organic palette of the galaxy. Yet, despite their inorganic nature, each model carries its own unique signature – an IG unit moves with a fluid, almost serpentine grace, while an HK unit’s steady, methodical gait resonates with an eerie calm.

Though they lack the emotional complexity of their organic counterparts, Battle Droids are not without a degree of personality – a dry humor encoded within their speech subroutines or a particular quirk unique to their model type.


Overwhelming Firepower
Boost | Species: Battle Droid
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: On your next Action Slot DMG roll, double the damage dice and roll with Momentum.
The Battle Droid overcharges its weapon systems for a devastating attack. The next attack the Battle Droid makes deals double damage.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023