Originating from the aquatic world of Champala, the Chagrians have evolved distinct features that mark them as a unique silhouette in any crowd.

A Chagrian’s towering figure is a testament to their physical resilience, often standing over two meters tall. Their bodies, adorned with leathery blue or purple skin, glisten subtly, reminiscent of their watery homelands. But it is their heads that command attention: large, tapering horns, called montrals, rise from their skulls, a feature that has become emblematic of their kind. Beneath these montrals, lie their small, black eyes, filled with a piercing intelligence that mirrors their keen understanding of the universe around them.

Chagrians are not just about physical presence, though. They possess a keen intellect, often holding positions of great influence. Their smooth, bald heads, devoid of hair but marked by intricate tattoos of personal significance, further accentuate their air of inherent authority.

No description of a Chagrian would be complete without mention of their tapering, lekku-like tentacles. Hanging from the back of their heads, these tentacles serve as a secondary means of communication, rippling with subtle motions that can express a spectrum of thoughts and feelings.


Unseen Predator
Boost | Species: Chagrian
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: Deploy an invisibility projector for 3 Rotation. Enemies cannot target you and any DMG you suffer is rolled with Setback applied. Damage does not disable the invisibility projection.
The Chagrin momentarily cloaks itself becoming invisible until the start of its next turn or until it attacks or casts a spell.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023