Galactic Challenges

Galactic Challenges

Introduction to Challenges

In this game, Challenges represent a diverse range of goals that push you to go beyond the ordinary, test your mettle, and truly shine as an adventurer in the Star Wars universe.

A Challenge can be a feat of strength, a remarkable accomplishment during your journeys, a testament to your proficiency with a weapon, or a demonstration of the limits to which you can push your character’s potential. Whether you’re outsmarting a formidable Hutt lord in a game of wits or facing down a Rancor with nothing but your trusty blaster, each Challenge is a story waiting to be lived, and each completion is a mark of your growth.

Each time you complete a Challenge, you are awarded 1 CP – Challenge Point. These points are a reflection of your progress, tokens of your triumphs, and can be used to unlock powerful Class Features or upgrade your Weapons, providing new tactics, skills, and abilities to your character’s repertoire.

Each Challenge can be completed multiple times, creating an opportunity for repeated success and growth. However, to ensure the balance of play and the importance of strategy, a single Challenge cannot be completed more than once per session. You must always strive to diversify your victories.

Furthermore, your character can actively pursue only three Challenges at any given time. This is a call to strategy and deliberation, compelling you to choose the Challenges that align best with your character’s skills and your current objectives. Swapping out your active Challenges can only be done outside of the Combat Phase, much like managing your Action Slots.

Each Challenge is a new milestone, a testament to your strength, wit, and determination. In the pursuit of these, you write your own Galactic Legend. So, ready your blasters, ignite your lightsabers, and brace for adventure. May the Force be with you!

Combat Challenges

  • Master Marksman: Using only a blaster pistol, hit 10 consecutive shots on enemies in one combat encounter.
  • Lightsaber Luminary: Win a combat encounter using only Force push/pull and a lightsaber, with no other Force abilities.
  • Thermal Detonator Dynamite: Eliminate an enemy squad using only thermal detonators.
  • Zero-G Zap: Win a combat encounter in zero-gravity conditions.
  • Slicer’s Standoff: Hack into a droid’s system and make it fight another droid.
  • Vibroblade Veteran: Defeat an opponent in a one-on-one duel using only a vibroblade.
  • Flamethrower Frenzy: Defeat a swarm of Geonosians using only a flamethrower.
  • Ion Cannon Incursion: Disable a capital ship’s shields using an Ion Cannon.
  • Bowcaster Bullseye: Score  15 hits on enemies at maximum range with a Wookiee Bowcaster.
  • Force Lightning Furore: Defeat an enemy using only Force lightning in a thunderstorm, without harming your allies.
  • Lightsaber Deflection Dexterity: Deflect 20 blaster shots back at enemies in a single encounter.
  • Slugthrower Showdown: Win a sniper duel using only a slugthrower rifle.
  • Jawa Junker’s Joust: Defeat an enemy droid using only salvaged weapons from a Jawa Sandcrawler.
  • Droidika Duel: Take down a Droideka using only melee weapons.
  • Stun Slugfest: Win a combat encounter using only stun settings on your weapons.
  • Gaffi Stick Gambit: Survive an encounter against Tusken Raiders using only their weapons.
  • Darkness Duel: Win a combat encounter in complete darkness against foes with night vision capabilities.
  • Orbital Onslaught: From a spaceship in orbit, take out a ground target using precision aiming.
  • Force Pike Prowess: Disarm and defeat an enemy using only a Force Pike.
  • Last Stand: Survive and defeat an Imperial onslaught for 10 rounds without receiving reinforcements or healing.
  • Death Star Deadeye: Destroy 15 enemy TIE Fighters in a single space combat encounter.
  • Tusken Raider Rumble: Successfully defeat a horde of 20 Tusken Raiders in single combat without leaving Tatooine.
  • Carbonite Clobber: In a single session, freeze three enemies using carbonite.
  • Jedi Mind Trickster: Use the Force to turn three enemies against each other in one encounter.
  • Blaster Blitz: Win 10 ground battles without using any Force powers or melee weapons, only blasters.
  • Droid Decimator: Disable a Threat Rank 5 combat droid without using any EMP-based weapons or abilities.
  • Lucky: As a non-Force user, defeat a Sith or Jedi in combat.
  • Underwater Warfare: Successfully defeat an aquatic beast or enemy squadron on Naboo’s ocean floor.
  • Duel of Fates: Win a one-on-one lightsaber duel against an opponent of equal or greater skill level.
  • Mandalorian Menace: Defeat a fully armored Mandalorian without the use of the Force.
  • Gungan Gauntlet: Survive an ambush by a rogue band of Gungan warriors in the swamps of Naboo.
  • Rancor Rumble: Defeat a Rancor in melee combat without using any force powers.
  • Geonosis Gladiator: Survive three rounds in the Geonosian gladiator arena without any weapons.
  • Ewok Encounter: Win a guerilla warfare encounter against a tribe of hostile Ewoks in the forests of Endor.
  • TIE Fighter Takedown: Using only a handheld weapon, disable a TIE Fighter in combat.
  • Sarlacc Survivor: Escape the clutches of the Sarlacc pit after being thrown in.
  • Walker Wrangler: Single handedly take down an AT-AT walker using only the resources in your immediate environment.
  • Disruptor Duelist: Using a disruptor rifle, take down an enemy who has a significant cover advantage.
  • Z6 Riot Control Baton Beatdown: Defeat a force-sensitive enemy using only a Z6 riot control baton.
  • Wrist Rocket Wreckage: Destroy a ground vehicle using only wrist rocket launchers.
  • Concussion Grenade Conquest: Win a combat encounter by incapacitating all enemies using only concussion grenades.
  • Trash Compactor Do-Over: Hold a choke point against waves of enemies using only a heavy blaster.
  • Stun Cuff Scuffle: Apprehend a hostile without lethal force, using only stun cuffs and a stun baton.
  • Electrostaff Extravaganza: Defeat a lightsaber-wielding enemy using only an electrostaff.
  • Sonic Stunner Standoff: Disorient and defeat enemies using only a sonic stunner.
  • DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle Rampage: Defeat an advancing enemy squad using a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle 10 times.
  • Ion Blaster Ingenuity: Disable an enemy droid using an ion blaster without damaging its core memory system.
  • Trash Compactor Trouble: Escape a closing trash compactor while fighting off a dianoga.
  • High Ground: Win a combat encounter where the enemy has the high ground advantage.
  • Clones vs Droids: Lead a unit of clone troopers to victory against a superior number of droid soldiers. Or vice versa.
  • Probe Droid Purgatory: Successfully disable a probe droid without alerting the Empire.
  • Rogue Squadron’s Rout: Successfully defend a strategic target from an elite enemy squadron.
  • Gungan Tech Triumph: Successfully utilize Gungan technology to defeat a technologically superior opponent.
  • Sandcrawler Scuffle: Win a combat encounter atop a moving Jawa Sandcrawler.
  • Twin Suns Showdown: Participate in a high noon-style duel in the Tatooine desert.
  • Womp Rat Wrangler: Defeat a horde of Womp Rats attacking a moisture farm on Tatooine.
  • Carbonite Conundrum: Escape a carbonite trap and win the ensuing combat encounter.
  • Rancor Wrangler: Defeat a Rancor.
  • Nexu Nemesis: Successfully fend off a Nexu.
  • Dewback Drag: Defeat a squadron of Stormtroopers while riding a Dewback.
  • Ewok Endurance: Successfully defend an Ewok village from an Imperial invasion.
  • Hoth Heroics: Survive a Wampa attack.
  • Acklay Annihilator: Defeat an Acklay in a single round of combat.
  • Hive Queen Havoc: Venture into a Geonosian hive and defeat the Queen.
  • Correllian Confrontation: Defend a Corellian freighter from a pirate raid.
  • Dathomir Duel: Best a Nightbrother in a hand-to-hand combat duel on Dathomir.
  • Jango’s Judgement: Take down a rogue Mandalorian without causing collateral damage.
  • Kashyyyk Khaos: Defend a Wookiee village from an Imperial incursion on Kashyyyk.

Adventure Challenges

  • Tractor Beam Tangle: Disable a tractor beam on an enemy ship or space station and then escape without being detected.
  • Bounty Hunter’s Bane: Capture a top-tier bounty alive and deliver them to the client without losing any party members.
  • Pazaak Player: Win a life-or-death Pazaak game against a notorious gangster, where losing means combat.
  • Imperial Insider: Successfully infiltrate an Imperial base, sabotage it, and escape without being caught in combat.
  • Podrace Pursuit: Win a podrace against an aggressive rival who tries to sabotage you during the race.
  • Kessel Run: Navigate the infamous Kessel Run.
  • Speeder Chaser: Survive a chase sequence on Speeder Bikes.
  • Bespin Bounty: Successfully defend Cloud City from an invading force of bounty hunters.
  • Wretched Hive: In Mos Eisley Cantina, avoid a brawl while gathering crucial information from an informant.
  • Bad Feeling About This: Escape from a dangerous situation based on a premonition without any concrete evidence.
  • Imperial Entanglements: Talk your way out of an Imperial checkpoint without a fight.
  • Disguised Deception: Infiltrate an enemy stronghold in disguise without raising suspicion or being detected.
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Successfully navigate an asteroid field while under enemy fire.
  • Furry Diplomacy: Persuade a tribe of Ewoks to assist you without using the common language.
  • Farmboy Phenomenon: Train a non-player character with no initial combat experience to hold their own in a fight. They must survive one fight, having dealt damage to an opponent.
  • Ancient Relic Recovery: Retrieve a holocron from a heavily guarded Sith or Jedi temple.
  • Hutt Cartel Carnage: Incite a conflict between rival Hutt Cartel members without getting directly involved.
  • Droids You’re Looking For: Successfully hide or disguise a crucial droid from Imperial forces.
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith: Unearth and survive an encounter with a lost tribe of the Sith.
  • Jedi Trials: Complete a series of trials based on the classic Jedi trials of Skill, Courage, Spirit, Flesh, and Insight.
  • Force Ghost Guidance: With the guidance of a Force Ghost, solve an ancient riddle or prophecy.
  • Galactic Gladiator: Win a hand-to-hand combat round in a Hutt-hosted arena.
  • Trench Run: Successfully destroy a high priority target while flying through a narrow trench under heavy enemy fire.
  • Exotic Beast Tamer: Successfully tame and ride an exotic creature.
  • Rebel Raid: Lead a successful raid on an Imperial outpost without losing any members of your squad.
  • Hutt’s Heist: Steal a valuable artifact from a Hutt’s palace while fighting off his guards.
  • Swoop Bike Brawl: Win a Swoop bike race.