These small, bipedal beings might seem deceptively benign with their teddy-bear-like appearances, but beneath the fa├žade of soft fur and wide-eyed innocence, there’s an undying spirit of a relentless survivor.

Cloaked in a thick coat of fur, their hues vary from shades of earthy browns to rich blacks, providing them with the perfect camouflage in their wooded abode. Their faces, adorned with bright, expressive eyes that glisten with curiosity, are framed by small tufts of fur. The sharp, little teeth that peek out from under their broad noses reveal their carnivorous nature, a contrast to the cuddly exterior.

Ewoks are nimble and robust, their compact bodies perfect for navigating the forest terrain. They’re skilled climbers, capable of swiftly ascending the gigantic trees of their homeland to reach their village built high above the forest floor. Excellent hunters and gatherers, they’re known for using tools and setting ingenious traps, showcasing a level of intelligence that belies their primitive lifestyle.

Though they might not be the most technologically advanced species, Ewoks are masters of guerrilla warfare. Their deep understanding of their environment and their uncanny ability to use it to their advantage makes them formidable opponents. Despite their diminutive size, they are an emblem of how courage, resourcefulness, and unity can conquer even the most intimidating foes.


Guerrilla Tactics
Boost | Species: Ewok
Range :: 3 Squares
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: All enemy targets within 3 Squares of the Ewok have their Movement halved and a lasting terrain effect is left behind until the end of the Combat Phase.
Ewoks are experts in using their environment to their advantage. The Ewok creates a temporary terrain disadvantage for the enemy, perhaps by toppling a log or springing a trap, which can slow an enemy or restrict their movement until the start of the Ewok’s next turn.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023