Galactic Republic

Stretching across vast expanses of the galaxy for thousands of years, the Republic is a beacon of light, a testament to cooperation among countless star systems, races, and cultures.

As seen in Episodes I, II, and III of the Star Wars saga, the Republic is a governing body where each member world has a voice. Senators from across the galaxy convene in the grand Senate chambers on Coruscant, deliberating and voting on galaxy-wide matters, guided by the principles of justice, equality, and mutual aid.

As part of the Galactic Republic faction, you will navigate the intricate machinations of politics, balance the scales of peace and war, and make decisions that reverberate through star systems. This era is characterized by political intrigue and the looming shadow of the Separatist movement, adding an intense undercurrent to your missions.

Your allies are Jedi Knights, seasoned diplomats, elite troopers, and countless other representatives from innumerable species and worlds. Together, you stand against threats both internal and external, striving to maintain the unity and prosperity that the Republic represents.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Welcome to the crucible of dissent, where ideals of freedom and self-governance challenge the status quo of the galaxy. You stand amidst the Separatists, a coalition of star systems, corporate entities, and individuals dissatisfied with the perceived corruption and bureaucratic stagnation within the Galactic Republic.

As portrayed in Star Wars Episodes II and III, the Separatist movement, officially known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, seeks to break away from the Galactic Republic’s rule. Driven by varied motivations – some noble, some less so – the Separatists strive for a different future, where planetary systems and sectors have the right to govern themselves without interference from distant Coruscant.

As a member of the Separatist faction, you will navigate a tense political landscape, where the push for independence is met with stern resistance. You will contend with the Republic’s military might, face off against Jedi Knights, and engage in covert operations, all while seeking to gain allies for your cause.

Your companions are powerful figures, from influential Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray to the enigmatic Count Dooku. You will command formidable droid armies, utilize cutting-edge technologies, and have the opportunity to shape the future of the galaxy.

Hutt Cartel

Descend into the intoxicating underbelly of the galaxy as you navigate the shadowy world of the Hutt Cartels. Far from the shine of Coruscant’s high-rises and the idealistic banners of the Galactic Republic, here, power is the ultimate law, and wealth the ultimate weapon.

The Hutt Cartels are a syndicate of ruthless crime lords, their influence spanning across multiple star systems. Rooted in the lawless worlds like Nal Hutta and its moon, Nar Shaddaa, the Cartels control vast networks of smuggling, gambling, and other illicit activities, amassing wealth and power over millennia.

As a member of a Hutt Cartel, you find yourself in a realm where morality is as malleable as the corpulent forms of its Hutt masters. Deception is as valuable as a blaster, and a quick wit can often save you quicker than quick reflexes. Manipulation, cunning, and a keen business sense are your tools, for in the Cartels, influence and credits are the keys to survival and advancement.

You will rub shoulders with bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, and various other denizens of the galaxy’s fringes, each with their own agendas. You are as likely to face a knife in the back as a handshake, and allegiances shift quicker than the sands of Tatooine. In this world of opulence and danger, of freedom and vice, your survival depends on your savvy, your resourcefulness, and your audacity.

Aligning with the Hutt Cartels is not a path for the faint-hearted. But for those who thrive in the gray areas of the galaxy, who can dance with danger and manipulate the machinations of power, there’s no better way to carve out a legacy that’s as enduring as it is notorious. Do you have the grit to gamble with the galaxies’ most dangerous players and come out on top? Only the boldest need apply.

The Rebel Alliance

In the shadow of a tyranny that spans the stars, there is a spark. A spark of hope, of defiance, and a determination to reclaim the freedom that once was. Welcome to the Rebellion, the brave hearts who dare to oppose the might of the Galactic Empire.

In the face of oppression, the Rebellion, or the Rebel Alliance, has risen – a coalition of disparate beings united under the banner of freedom and democracy. Rebels hail from all corners of the galaxy, from numerous species and backgrounds, yet all share a single vision: the fall of the Empire and the restoration of the Republic.

Working within the Rebellion isn’t a path for the faint-hearted. You will be an insurgent, an underdog fighting against a vastly superior power. Covert operations, guerrilla warfare, intelligence gathering, and sabotage will be your tools. Every mission teeters on the brink of danger, every decision could tip the balance of the galaxy.

Your allies are as diverse as they are determined: veteran soldiers bearing the scars of past battles, hotshot pilots with nothing but their skill and bravado, Jedi Knights hiding from persecution, diplomats striving for alliances, and ordinary beings pushed by the Empire’s cruelty into the arms of the Rebellion.

Being a Rebel is more than being a soldier; it’s about carrying the torch of hope in dark times, about standing up for those who can’t, and about believing that even the smallest act can change the course of the future. The path of a Rebel is hard and often thankless, but the spirit of freedom never extinguishes. The Rebellion needs you. Will you answer the call?

The Galactic Empire

In the shadow of mighty Star Destroyers and beneath the gaze of the omnipresent stormtroopers, welcome to the era of the Galactic Empire. Born from the ashes of the old Republic, the Empire rules with an iron fist, promising order, stability, and security in a galaxy rife with conflict.

In stark contrast to the democratic ideals of the Galactic Republic, the Empire’s power is concentrated in the hands of its Emperor, Palpatine, with governance enforced by regional governors and the formidable military might. This authoritarian regime prizes efficiency, control, and obedience above all.

By aligning yourself with the Galactic Empire, you choose to wield power in its rawest form, to play the game of galactic politics and military strategy. Whether you seek to maintain order or exploit the authority for personal gain, the Empire offers opportunities that few other factions can.

Your comrades are elite stormtroopers, ambitious Moffs, adept TIE pilots, ruthless Imperial officers, and perhaps even Dark Lords of the Sith. The resources at your disposal are near limitless, from the vast Imperial Navy to the devastating power of the Death Star.

Serving the Galactic Empire isn’t without its perils. You’ll contend with Rebel insurgents, treacherous politics, and your own morality. But power, influence, and the ability to shape the galaxy are compelling rewards.


Listen to the echoes of ancient wars, the hum of starship engines, the clanking of beskar armor. You are in the domain of the Mandalorians, the legendary clan-based culture known across the Star Wars universe as elite warriors, indomitable spirits, and masters of their craft.

Born on the harsh world of Mandalore, the Mandalorians are more than a species or a race – they are a way of life, bound by a code known as the Resol’nare. More than mere warriors, they are survivors, artisans, and deeply communal, their bonds to their clans as unyielding as their famed beskar armor.

As part of the Mandalorian faction, you walk a path carved by honor, strength, and a fierce commitment to your clan and kin. Your life is one of discipline, courage, and often conflict, as you navigate the complex landscape of Mandalorian politics and war.

Your allies are your clan and found family, each a warrior worth a dozen, each a craftsman with their own stories etched in the beskar they wear. Your culture is rich, your people resilient, and your resolve unwavering. In the words of the Mandalorians, you are dar’manda – one who understands their place in the universe.

To stand with the Mandalorians is to embrace a life of purpose, unity, and indomitable spirit. It is to face the galaxy not as a solitary figure, but as part of a greater whole, bound by shared values and mutual respect. In your hands, the future of Mandalore rests.

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