They originate from the world of Trandosha, or Dosha as they call it, a planet located in the same star system as the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk, contributing to their historical animosity.

Physically, Trandoshans are intimidating, standing taller than most humans, usually around two meters in height. Their reptilian nature is evident in their scaled skin, which varies in color from sandy brown to olive green, serving as natural camouflage within their habitat. Remarkably, they possess the ability to regenerate lost limbs, a unique trait that highlights their resilience and adaptability.

Their hands end in three clawed fingers, capable of delivering a powerful grip, and their feet have similarly clawed toes. Their heads feature a set of sharp teeth within a wide, often grinning maw. Two large, round eyes dominate their faces, with colors ranging from yellow to red, providing them excellent vision, including the ability to see in the infrared spectrum.

A Trandoshan’s life is marked by the hunt, a cultural cornerstone that defines their social status, their spiritual beliefs, and their rites of passage. To play as a Trandoshan is to embrace this predatory lifestyle, the thrill of the chase, and the glory of the kill.


Energy Shield
Boost | Species: Gungan
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: Increase AR by +10 until the end of the Gungan’s next turn.
The Gungan activates a personal energy shield that absorbs damage for the next rotation.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023