The Twi’leks – a species imbued with grace and natural charm. Inhabiting the rocky world of Ryloth, they bear a distinctly humanoid appearance, yet their form is graced with unique features that set them apart from other species.

Their most conspicuous attributes are the twin tendrils, or “lekku,” that elegantly drape from the back of their skulls. These tentacle-like appendages, rich with expressive capabilities, ripple and twist with the Twi’lek’s emotions – a silent language all their own. Their skin embraces an array of vibrant hues, with blues and greens being the most common, though others can be red, yellow, orange, or even purple. Often, their eyes contrast their skin tone, gleaming with the wisdom of a species that knows both the harshness and the beauty of life.

Sturdy yet agile, the Twi’leks move with a rhythm all their own – a dance between strength and elegance. Their natural charm often leaves a lasting impression on those they encounter, their presence felt long after they have departed. Underestimate a Twi’lek, and you may find yourself outmaneuvered in more ways than one.


Rhythm of Survival
Boost | Species: Twi’lek
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: Enemies attacking the Twi’lek must do so while suffering Setback for the remainder of the Combat Phase.
The Twi’lek taps into their species’ survival instincts, gaining a burst of speed and agility.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023