Imagine the vast, towering forests of Kashyyyk, their lofty branches teeming with vibrant life. Herein dwell the Wookies – a species whose strength and loyalty are as grand as the wroshyr trees they call home.

Imposing and robust, a Wookie’s stature looms large, typically standing well over two meters tall. Their formidable bodies, covered in a thick coat of coarse, shaggy hair that varies from a deep obsidian to a golden brown, are testament to the natural resilience of their species. A pair of gleaming, intelligent eyes peer out from under their heavy brows, underscoring the wisdom and perception that lie beneath their fearsome exteriors.

Their hands are large and capable, equipped with retractable climbing claws that are strictly used for traversal – to use them in combat is a mark of dishonor. Wookies are strong, with a physical prowess that few species can match. However, their true power lies in their indomitable spirit – a steadfast resolve that echoes through their characteristic roars.

One of the most distinct features of a Wookie is their voice, a symphony of growls, roars, and howls that reverberate through the dense foliage of their homelands. This cacophonous dialect, known as Shyriiwook, may seem harsh to the uninitiated, but carries a wealth of emotion and complexity.

Formidable yet fiercely loyal, a Wookie’s honor is their guiding star. They are known across the galaxy for their life debts, an age-old tradition binding them to those they owe a great service. Cross a Wookie, and you invoke their wrath. Earn their respect, and you have an ally for life.


Wookie Rage
Boost | Species: Wookie
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: All enemies within a 10 Square radius are drawn to attack you for 2 Rotations, suffering Setback if they attack other party members. The Wookie gains +3 AR for the remainder of the Combat Phase.
The Wookie unleashes a mighty roar and displays of strength, intimidating enemies.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023