The silhouette of a Zabrak is instantly recognizable. Their signature head crowned with a circle of vestigial horns, a primal mark of their evolutionary history, makes them both intriguing and intimidating.

Their skin tone spans a vibrant spectrum from sallow hues to deeper ebonies, sometimes punctuated with bright and exotic colors. A tapestry of intricate tattoos often snakes across their bodies, each line a testament to personal stories and tribal affiliations. Yet, it is their piercing eyes, glowing with an unwavering determination, that often ensnare observers.

A Zabrak’s sturdy and athletic form is a testament to their species’ resilience and hardiness. Known for their mental fortitude, they exude an innate, unwavering resolve which has led them to be among the galaxy’s best warriors, mercenaries, and even Jedi or Sith. However, such stern exterior masks a fiercely loyal heart, capable of forming strong bonds and fighting tenaciously for their kin and comrades.


Boost | Species: Zabrak
Range :: Self
Refresh :: Once per session
Effect :: Restore 3d6 health points and gain resistance to all DMG types until the end of your next turn.
The Zabrak fuels themselves with determination, granting health points equal to their level and resistance to all damage until the end of their next turn.

Last Updated: 6/30/2023